Launchpad Sales and Service

Penetrating and growing in a sophisticated US market is difficult.  Language Service Providers (LSP) implement many failed strategies.  Some examples include hiring a junior sales person and then providing limited supervision.  Another example includes hiring an expensive full-time sales person and firing them in six months before sales are established. A third example, the LSP has not adopted their marketing materials or social media presence for the US market.

Anzu Global created the Launchpad initiative to address these problems and provide global Language Vendors a cost-effective process to establishing a sales presencein the US.

The core focus of the Launchpad is twofold:  determine the correct markets to penetrate and develop a client pipeline.  This initial effort is for three to six months using a part-time senior sales person.  The LSP can then determine whether to continue with this engagement, increase the hours or hire a full-time sales person to leverage the existing leads.