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Dedicated, Thorough and Impressive

The Anzu Global Recruiter I worked with is by far the most helpful and dedicated recruiter I’ve ever worked with. What really sets them apart is that they 1. listen to you 2. coach you 3. continually search for the best fit/employment situation. They took a critical look at my resume and went through it with a fine-tooth comb, pointing out even the smallest logical mistakes and refining it to perfection.  Then coached me before every interview about what to expect from the interview and what to say, and how to say it: everything from content to tone and brevity of answers. Very impressive. They taught me many things about the difference between working vendor-side and client-side, and it was incredibly helpful and still stays with me to this day. I feel very fortunate that I met them and had a chance to work with them, and everyone who does should consider themselves very lucky and in the best recruiter hands out there!

Eva G.
Localization Project Manager