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Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE the Interview

Questions to ask Yourself BEFORE the interview:

You have arranged an interview with a company for a key position. Your research on the company and position has prepared you to be “The Smartest Candidate in the Room” in responding to the interview questions. You are ready!

With that said we believe there is an additional perspective as an executive to be able you to present a ‘holistic view’ of your executive and management capabilities. The following ‘BEFORE the interview’ questions are intended to support your development of a comprehensive understanding of who you are as the right executive for the company.

The following questions may or may not come up directly in the interview but are key elements
of your capabilities in presenting a holistic view for an executive management position.

Sandy Sanderson writes…

  1. Tell me about yourself: This question presents a clear opportunity to move from just presenting
    you history to being able to “Let me tell you why I am the right
    candidate for the position”
  2. Why do you want this position? There is a range of potential responses to this question.
    The key is to go beyond the ‘I need a job’ perspective to present a
    career level response that aligns your career goals with the goals of the company.
  3. How will you be successful in this role? This question provides you an opportunity to
    align your capabilities with the position requirements and company goals.
  4. What are you passionate about? This question provides you the opportunity to show them
    your ‘fire in the belly’ and commitment you will bring to the company.
  5. Do you break the rules? This is not a trick question. This is an opportunity to present
    how you can think outside the box to address limitations to success.
  6. What do you do if you don’t know? No body has all the answers. This is an opportunity
    to present your attitude to seek support around you limits.
  7. Are you a patient person? The answer should be yes and no and demonstrate your maturity
    in providing management and leadership to the company.
  8. Do you take responsibility for your actions? This is an opportunity to demonstrate you
    integrity and accountability as a company leader.
  9. What challenges you? This is an opportunity to show your passion and professional reach
    in providing executive leadership for the company
  10. What does “the smartest guy in room” mean to you? This question providing you an
    opportunity to present your understanding of what it takes to succeed.
  11. Do people trust you? Trust in leadership works up and down an organization. Trust,
    as an executive is critical to gaining corporation cooperation within the company.
  12. How do you describe success for you and the company? Time to take the long view
    and ‘look over the horizon for what you see as success for the company.