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Keys to a Successful Interview for Job Seekers

Keys to a Successful Interview for Job Seekers

As a recruiter, I have found the most successful candidates are those who endeavor to be positive and confident during the interview process.

Present yourself with a firm handshake, direct eye contact and a smile.  Let the employer know that you are ready to share  your knowledge and experience and contribute to the team.

Establish a natural and comfortable conversation during the interview by getting to know the person and what interests them  and be prepared for the unexpected question.

Job experience and technical skills are certainly important attributes to hone and expand on for new opportunities, but communication and collaboration are also key to a successful career.

A resume should include accomplishments in your job experiences.  You can elaborate on these during the interview by describing the highlights of the successful projects that you implemented or spearheaded.  Showing how you take initiative in challenging situations and your ability to ‘think outside the box’ or making a point to incorporate a core strength or characteristic that sets you apart from the crowd has a lasting impact.

Feedback from coworkers about what a great team player you are and how well you collaborate with others goes a long way in establishing your reputation in a workplace.

Prepare questions for the employer ahead of time.  Do your research into the industry, the company and the people who will be interviewing you.

To keep the door open, always close the interview conversation with a wish/invitation to talk in the future and follow up with a Thank you Note on how much you enjoyed speaking with them.

Jeanne Sharpe, Globalization Recruiter
Jeanne’s introduction to the Localization industry began when she worked as a Translation Project Coordinator for Ilumina, a global branding business specialized in multicultural promotional programs.  She began working for Anzu Global as a Globalization Recruiter in 2011. She has a background in languages, having studied French and lived in France and has traveled extensively worldwide.  She has a deep interest in world cultures and takes pride in helping diverse people find job opportunities matching their linguistic and technical skills. When not working, Jeanne enjoys yoga, biking, gardening, reading and spending time with her family