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Finding the elusive Internationalization Engineer or “Tracking the Yeti”

Globalization Staffing:

Finding the elusive Internationalization Engineer/tracking the Yeti


Having worked in the globalization staffing industry for over twenty five years,  a common complaint heard from Localization managers:  “We cannot find a good internalization engineer.”  At Globalization conferences, you can find frustrated senior globalization managers huddled together asking,

“Where are they?”  “How do we find them?” “Where do they go?”  Similar questions have been asked of the Yeti.


Let’s start with some definitions.  Internationalization is  a design process that ensures a product (usually a software application) can be adapted to various languages and regions without requiring engineering changes to the source code.  So an internationalization engineer has to be able to work with the source code, know programming languages and Unicode enable an application.  The i18n engineer also has to be aware of time and date formats, supporting Asian character sets,  hard coded strings and bi-directional support.  There is a level of complexity to this process.  I liken it to traveling the New York City subways—getting from point A in the Lower East Side to Point B on the Upper West Side can take some navigation.  But once you have traveled the NY subways multiple times or internationalized multiple products, the tasks become fairly mundane.  Also, the i18n engineering guide is not always needed when there is no new release.  This explains, in part, the disappearance of the Yeti (i18n engineer).  They get bored, adapt and move on to other things.  They may get a job at the circus or as a software engineer.


At Anzu Global we have a combined 75 years of globalization staffing experience.  We have a fairly extensive network of internationalization Yeti engineers.  We are vigilant in following-up on any reported sighting.  We even will pay you a reward for the location and contact information of an elusive internationalization engineer😊