Best Practices in Localization Recruiting: Candidate Interview


Best Practices:  Candidate Interview Study client web site, articles and financial history Review client manager profiles Prepare relevant questions Bring professional references Demonstrate interest—ask closing questions G4A-Best-Practices-in-Localization-Recruiting

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Best Practices in Localization Recruiting: Client Interview


Best Practices: Client Interview  Consistent message from Client Interview Team No redundant questions Allow time for and welcome candidate questions Confirm budget is approved before interview Communicate clear time frame for decision Limit arrogance: Fulani male ritual G4A-Best-Practices-in-Localization-Recruiting

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Best Practices in Localization Recruiting: Candidates


Best Practices: Where do you find candidates? Social Media sites(Twitter, Facebook) (5) Job posting sites (Dice, Monster) (4) Linked-in (3) Networking with colleagues (2) Referrals/Recruiter (1) G4A-Best-Practices-in-Localization-Recruiting

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Anzu Global to present at GALA Live Webinar


How to Enter and Sell Translation Services in the US Marketplace—a Guide to Global LSPs GALA 2018-too many Thursday, 08 February, 2018 Webinar Start Time: 11:00 EDT (17:00 CEST)

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Looking Forward to Another Strong Year in 2018


2017 was a good year for Anzu Global.  The M&A business increased  fourfold.  We closed six opportunities in 2017 with several offers outstanding.  Our Launchpad initiative increased revenue by 200% (Launchpad is where we help LSPs outside the US enter the US marketplace by offering senior sales consultants).  Our contract revenue stayed the same at […]

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Anzu Global welcomes new Localization Account Manager – Mimi Moore


A twenty-year localization industry veteran, Mimi’s career began with marketing localized modem software to global markets. Since then, she has held a variety of roles in project management, account management and business development on both the client and localization vendor sides. Raised in a military family, Mimi moved every three years while she was growing […]

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Anzu Global in BostonVoyager Magazine


Meet Michael Klinger of Anzu Global in Acton

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The Moringa Tree Project


In the summer of 2017 Anzu Global provided funding for the Moringa Tree Project in Guidan Roumji, Niger. Every part of the Moringa Tree is valuable: its seeds can be used to purify water; its bark, roots and flowers all have incredible medicinal properties and its leaves are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on […]

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Mergers & Acquisitions: Tools for Buying and Selling an Agency


Mergers & Acquisitions for Language Owners   Terminology–Earnout A provision written into some financial transactions whereby the seller of a business will receive additional payments based on the future performance of the business sold. Most deals are not paid out first day—hence earnout Earnouts – can be over 2-3-4 years Purchase price-$1 million, 25% up […]

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Review this BEFORE contacting a company about a Job


You have found an interesting career listing. BEFORE applying for the position, you need to do your homework to assure they are a company that YOU want to be hired by. Job interviews are two-way street. As much as the hiring company is interviewing the candidate the candidate is interviewing the company. Sandy Sanderson provides […]

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