Finding the elusive Internationalization Engineer or “Tracking the Yeti”


Globalization Staffing: Finding the elusive Internationalization Engineer/tracking the Yeti   Having worked in the globalization staffing industry for over twenty five years,  a common complaint heard from Localization managers:  “We cannot find a good internalization engineer.”  At Globalization conferences, you can find frustrated senior globalization managers huddled together asking, “Where are they?”  “How do we […]

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Does being able to ask for a beer in French qualify you as Bilingual?


I cannot count the number of times at a party, an event or during a job interview, an American says to me that they speak two languages or are fluent in French, for example.  When you peel away fact from fiction (which can be difficult when we live in a political climate of double talk/hypocrisy) […]

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What Recruiters, Localization Vendors and Employees look for (the same things we all do): M.I.C.E.


  Motivation:  For whatever reason, one intuits a motivated person, and this inspires confidence. Intelligence:  Within a short amount of time, a person’s emotional or intellectual intelligence comes across. Communication skills:  In an interview setting, as with any human interaction, skilled communication is a big plus Enthusiasm:  The positive effects of all of the above […]

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Negotiating to the Salary You Want: Good news! It’s a candidate-driven market


There are basically four ways to make more money.      You can get a bonus for doing a great job that gives you that desired bump in pay, at your current company.      You can get a deserved promotion and a raise at your current company.      You can find for a new job at […]

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Run for Liv/Ride for Liv


Anzu Global’s Carol Lawlor participated in the 9th Annual Ride for Liv/Run for Live in Westford, Mass.  Carol biked 23 miles with neighbors in support of the Live for Liv foundation.  All proceeds from the event are donated to organizations that help support the victims of domestic violence.    

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Immigrant Children Border Crisis and how to Help


Given that we are a globalization company, I want to address the current immigration crisis happening within our borders.  As a Jewish American, who had relatives who died in concentration camps while people and governments ignored their plight, I believe it is important that Americans do not ‘ignore’ what is going on currently regarding the […]

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Mike Klinger participating in GALA M&A Panel Discussion


Michael Klinger will be participating in a GALA panel discussion on Mergers & Acquisitions PROS and CONS in Brooklyn, New York on July 18th.  If interested, please register or reach out with questions.  If you’re not a GALA member then mention my name for GALA pricing. Registration info is here:  

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An LSP Industry Welcome to Sheena Makhecha


Language Industry Hires at Diuna, IYUNO, Unbabel, Global Lingo, and Anzu Global

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LIVE WEBINAR: Financial Returns for Buyer and Seller of Language Businesses


Please join Mike Klinger on Thursday June 6 at 11:00 am Eastern  

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