Found in Translation


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Mike Klinger at Anzu Global brokers another Localization industry Merger


Canada’s OXO Translations Expands Into Latin America With Ccaps Acquisition

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Managing Vendor Project Managers


Managing Vendor Project Managers    

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Smaller is Better – 5 Reasons LSP Buyers are Interested in Smaller LSP Sellers


SMALLER IS BETTER – 5 REASONS LSP BUYERS ARE INTERESTED IN SMALLER LSP SELLERS (smaller = annual revenue 750K-$2 million) 1)            Smaller ‘Sellers’ offer a fast, effective strategy for ‘Buyers’ to diversify their business or specialize in a vertical market. If a ‘Buyer’ is looking to diversify and enter the hospitality vertical, for example, buying […]

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History of Language Translation


The History of Language Translation  

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The Grand Exit: How to Sell a Language Service Provider


Determining the value of your business is more art than science  

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Trumps Interpreter Suddenly Finds Herself at the Center of a Political Firestorm


Trump’s Interpreter Suddenly Finds Herself at the Center of a Political Firestorm  

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Anzu Global helping with Localization M&A Deals


  Mike Klinger of Anzu Global has been helping multiple language businesses find buyers for their companies.  He has worked with translation and localization companies, tools companies and interpreting businesses.  In the past six months, Anzu Global has helped two American Sign Language companies sell their business:  ASLI and Clear Message Interpreting.  He acts as […]

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Anzu Global Volunteer Day Summer 2018


Anzu Global has two core complementary beliefs: We tell the truth and share the wealth. It is our belief that telling the truth is an essential component of doing business. Also, as a profitable business, we have a responsibility to give back to the global community. Below: Carol Debbie Lily Claire Jeanne and Mike. This […]

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Anzu Global and Stillman Translations


Anzu Global is excited to work with Stillman translation  using their Launchpad process to help Stillman translation grow their US client base.  Anzu Global’s Launchpad initiative is a cost effective, intelligent  solution for LSPs outside the US to ‘launch’ in the US market.  First step is a SWAT analysis of business and establishing a […]

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