Moringa Tree Project follow up


At Anzu Global’s charitable organization Bokai, we have funded the planting of Moringa trees in Guidan Roumji, Niger. Read the new buzz about Moringa Trees        

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Anzu Global welcomes New Globalization Account Manager Annette Hemera


Annette has twenty years of localization experience. She has been in the trenches of project, vendor, and account management and started working with CAT-tools and other localization technologies when leveraging repetitive content was still a hot topic and relatively new. She was responsible for global marketing creation and execution, sold translation and localization services, and […]

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In Need of Remote Language Resources?


Anzu Global has been working with several top technology firms, including Google, providing remote language resources for ongoing translation, transcription or MT post editing work. The scenario is straight forward.  The software client needs additional language resources  to handle volume.  The client specifies the language, vertical focus, pricing and technical skills required.  Anzu Global then […]

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AALC Webinar: Mergers and Acquisitions in Language Services Industry – 7th July 2020


Join us for Mergers and Acquisitions in Language Services Industry Topics discussed will include: Current environment for LSPs selling and buying other language companies Valuation models Success stories Pitfalls & tips for both buyers and sellers Presented by:  Michael Klinger, M&A Broker   Click here To Register For hours and more information click here   

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How To Navigate Job Search Amid Uncertainty – A Conversation with Michael Klinger


How To Navigate Job Search Amid Uncertainty – A Conversation With Michael Klinger  

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The right people make a world of difference


During this challenging time, where remote workers are a requirement, a reminder that Anzu Global provides globalization resources working worldwide.  We have remote localization project managers, translators, reviewers, post MT editors, bilingual QA engineers, localization engineers and multilingual customer support personnel.   We work with freelance consultants in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America as well as […]

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Wishing Everyone a Peaceful Holiday Season


Anzu Global has had another successful year with globalization staffing.  Thanks to our dedicated group of Jeanne, Debbie, Claire, Sheena and Gary.  We work with some of the top technology firms in the world including Google, Apple and Facebook.  We have found bilingual AI resources, internationalization engineers, linguists, bilingual NLP experts, localization QA engineers, bilingual […]

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Now Hiring: LSP Sales People


Now Hiring: LSP Sales People  

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How to Find and Partner With a Recruiter


Tips for Finding a Recruiter

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