Spanish Language Content Curator A956 – New York, NY

The main function of a content curator is to surface the best content and conversations on a platform. The typical curator will have excellent editorial judgment, a strong command of social media and a demonstrated understanding of short-form video, gen-z culture, and how they inform social conversations.

Job Responsibilities:

• Curate best-in-class content, including trend-setting short-form video content from a diverse set of creators, brands, and partners
• Identify cultural trends and moments across a diverse spectrum of topics
• Source editorially strong, youthful short-form video creators
• Brainstorm strategy and editorial plans for major events and cultural moments
• Collaborate with our product teams to improve user experience
• Have the ability to work some weekend shifts as needed

• Experience in journalism, social media, and/or digital media
• Knowledge of short-form content, creators, and trends across platforms
• Excellent communication skills, verbal and written

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