Lyrics Moderator Chinese A800 – Austin, TX

Lyrics Moderator – Chinese:

Job Summary:

As a Lyrics Moderator, you will be responsible for helping Company’s Music maintain its top quality Lyrics.
You will need passion for technology, diligent research skills, a keen eye for inaccuracies & a customer-focused mindset. You will be verifying the accuracy of content and taking action based on provided guidelines. This position is 40 hours/week spread across 5 days (Weekend shifts available).

Key Qualifications:

• Self-motivated, detail-oriented and able to handle repetitive tasks
• Capable of adapting to new processes quickly
• Able to work in multiple tools concurrently
• Thrives in a fast-paced environment
• Comfortable viewing & working with explicit content
• Strong tech industry awareness
• Strong organization skills
• Excellent time management skills
• Proficient with office software (Excel, Numbers, etc.)
• Open-minded
• Team player with a positive attitude
• Excellent proofreading skills
• Passion for music and lyrics

This new Lyrics Moderation role requires contractors to verify the accuracy of our lyrics. Chinese language requirement. Scripts traditional and simplified. M-F from 9-6pm with possible weekend work (no more than 40 hours/week) Austin Area Only

For more information contact Jeanne

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