English to French Canadian Translator C833 – Canada

English to French Canadian Translator

You meet your goals by striving for quality, not demanding perfection

Rather than over-thinking and critiquing your every move, you have the confidence and skill to move ahead, especially when deadlines must be met. That’s a talent, especially in an organization that handles as much business as we do. Your priority is to maintain quality while responding rapidly and responsibly to your organization’s needs. We’re looking for practical, productive people like you who don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you need to keep it rolling!

Responsibilities, including:
• Manage translation projects from start to finish, adapting quickly to customer requests, and translating documents and content from a variety of clients and subject areas
• Willing to adapt to the requirements of any project or contract including working unusual hours such as evenings and weekends, when necessary
• Work with our operations staff to complete projects on time and on budget and with account management regarding project requirements and deliverables
• Understanding of and ability to work with CAT tools and industry specific platforms such as Trados, Memsource, and Plunet
• Willingness to grow into a leadership position

It’s “all for one and one for all” in our organization

Supportive team effort is the way to go. Our workplace demonstrates that when you support each other, there are fewer errors, issues are resolved quickly thanks to comradely communication, and work is shared when necessary to get the job done. It’s a wonderful arrangement that benefits all. If you can give and receive support, you’ll find a like-minded group with us.

Requirements for this position, including: 
• Must be a native French Canadian speaker, residing in Canada
• A degree in translation or equivalent experience, with at least two years of business experience
• Highly motivated, curious, and detail oriented, proactive working style (i.e. does not require micro management) and open to coaching
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Creative, adaptable, team oriented, willingness to try new things, enjoys change and a sometimes
chaotic atmosphere, works well with others and in dispersed/virtual teams; knows when to lead and when to follow and
is comfortable with each
• Positive outlook, but not afraid to ask difficult questions and diplomatically challenge the position of others even regardless of their position in the company
• Highly professional in their interactions both on and offline, strong ambassador for the company

Sometimes ground-breaking solutions come from people you might not expect

We keep the door—and our minds—wide open to new ideas that will help us stay profitable and current. Employees at every level bring something distinctive to the workplace. That’s why we encourage you to share your thoughts. And, it’s one reason why we’ve achieved the reputation as a wellspring of discovery. Your fresh perspective can shine a light on a solution that no one else has thought of. Join us. We like to be surprised.

We are a growing language services provider (LSP) based in the US. The company has a large presence in Canada and a deep customer base including both private and public sector clients. As a result we are looking to grow an in-house team of English into French Canadian Translators.

Please send your resume to Jeanne  jsharpe@anzuglobal.com, to be considered for this role. If this is not the right time or role for you, Anzu Global provides a $Thank You for a referred candidate, placed into any position we represent.  We thank you for your consideration.