English Arabic VoiceOver Professional A872 – Cupertino, CA

We are seeking a Silicon Valley-based business professional, fluent in Arabic to read scripts in Arabic for a series of short internal, pre-existing training videos we are going to be releasing to a broader audience later this year.

Must go onsite to record in the studio. Very flexible on schedule/hours.

While this is a “Voice Over” role, the reads are pretty straightforward and do not require any special “characterization” or acting. The reading style would be essentially the type of natural reading and speaking voice of a typical business person, so we are not casting “voice acting” talent.

Sincerity is paramount and we are seeking someone who can read aloud from scripts in our recording studio for longer (but not rushed) sessions over a period of a few weeks. We can negotiate the specific timeframes, but envision this being a full day or two each week for a few weeks running. We are quite flexible, but generally work in the daytime hours.

Candidates will be provided with sample script material that we will ask for them to read and submit so our in-country partners can evaluate their appropriateness for the role.

The content will require signed NDA and as this is strictly for internal use, we are not paying royalties, etc.

Note that while this opportunity is “voice only,” we do have a few videos which will require on-camera presentation, so if that is of interest, we may be willing to expand the engagement appropriately to include that work for additional compensation.

For more information contact Jeanne jsharpe@anzuglobal.com

If this isn’t what you’re looking for maybe you could refer a colleague? We offer a referral bonus if your colleague is hired.