Arabic Speaking Trust and Safety Consultant A855 – Menlo Park, CA

Job description:

The main function of the trust and safety contractor is to design and implement policies and procedures that help prevent harm to users across the platform of applications and products

Job Responsibilities:
• Work with law enforcement to help understand best practices for trust and safety of user data and protection.
• Support child safety, terrorism and emergency response teams in filtering out unsafe content.
• Support with tactical engagement and education for local and state law enforcement agencies.
• Partner with internal teams in supporting the community of users.
• Stay up to date on cyber threat technology to educate teams on raising red flags when content is threatening or graphic.
• Support Law Enforcement Outreach Managers on communicating best practices to the teams when dealing with trust and safety issues.
• Report content in violation of the company’s trust and safety policies immediately upon discovery.

• Knowledge of national and local data safety laws
• Certified Safety Professional certification strongly preferred
• Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
• Detail oriented and a team player

• Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.
Going through tickets/tasks and clearing queues
Looking at trust and safety violating accounts
Labeling, analysis, and attention to detail

Must Haves:
Language based role
Understanding of the Counter Terrorism Space
Understanding and Reading and Speaking Arabic
Familiar with the Arabic Region- North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia
Attention to Detail- ability to understand data

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