Associate Director AI and Machine Learning C36 – US Remote

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ideate and formulate a pragmatic blueprint for enterprise AI platform solution and subsequent development using Deep learning with a cross-functional team of talented engineers, Motivated self-learner.
  • Collaborate well with engineers, researchers, and data implementation specialists to design and create advanced, elegant, and efficient AI based solutions for business problems
  • Suggest & implement best practices in coding, collaborating, and maintaining code repositories.
  • Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of AI platforms built.
  • Provide real time knowledge transfer to the team on the Requirements based on client facing meetings and white boarding workshops
  • Help in writing a comprehensive proposal with the help of the other engineers on the project.
  • Work in an agile environment based on the defined sprint backlogs to deliver the assigned work in the stipulated timelines.

Job Requirements?

    • Very strong Graduate/Ph.D. level degree in Computer Science/or other engineering discipline from top tier schools
    • Relevant experience of 8-12 years on live industry projects at enterprise level
    • Extremely strong in Python Programming, Tensor flow, Sci-kit learn, Keras, Theano, and other relevant Python Libraries for AI & Machine Learning (Scikit learn, NLTK, Scipy, etc.).
    • Strong ability to manipulate data using Pandas/Numpy and other python libraries, should be able to support all data munging and cleansing activities as part of guiding and leading an AI-platform implementation team.
    • Experience in working in Agile methodology in a very high-performance coding environment with high level of automation. Handle on CI-CD patterns of delivery and enterprise solution that uses Microservices, API’s and Docker containers.
    • Strong hands-on skills in relational data bases. Ability to write SQL like queries to create new joins or data frames with a goal of framing the right business questions for the AI platform development team.
    • Ability to white board with clients all types of possible solutions end-to-end (front end- API’s and Back end).
    • Good handle on concepts of enterprise application architecture, solution architecture and enterprise architecture.

Tools & Technologies

    • Python, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Django/Flask based API’s, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc.
    • Databases: MySQL or any enterprise RDBMS
    • Code Management: Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, etc.
    • Operating System: Mac, Linux, Windows
    • Cloud Technologies: comfortable with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

For more information contact Marcia or Claire

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