Cantonese Linguist Infrastructure Engineering A958 – Washington, DC

– Translation of Cantonese language content to support Integrity security investigations
– Provision of historical, cultural and geopolitical context to enrich analysis and enforcement decisions from the investigative team
– Live support to investigations in progress across the Information Operations team as needed and as the circumstances require
– Light technical and signals analysis related to the on-platform actions of investigated actors
– Cross functional collaboration with other linguists and Market specialists to help improve the visibility of the Information Operations team and its peers

– Fluency of Cantonese language
– Knowledge of geopolitics in general and specific expertise in the historical, social, and geopolitical workings of China
– Experience conducting investigations and using investigative tools
– Ability to work with technical and signals data to derive analytic judgements
– Preferred: Experience working to counter threats from cyber-criminal actors, state sponsored actors and non-state adversary groups

– Bachelors and/or Masters Degree in International Affairs, Computer Science/Data Analytics or associated fields
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