Localization Business Development Manager C487 – Annapolis, MD

We have dedicated processes and personnel who have experience and knowledge in the fields of Learning & Development and Localization. The Company is committing resources toward attaining a dominant presence in the services demanded by corporations and associations for eLearning localization, multi-lingual test programs, digital curriculum development, and multi-media localization services.

The Business Development Lead will spend 70-75% of his/her time prospecting and closing business with this brand. The other 25-30% of the sales person’s time is spent with managing and farming new leads within existing clients. This book of business will have an expectation of approximately $300,000 in 2019 revenue.

The company expects the BDL to prospect within the following guidelines:

  1. Candidate must be comfortable with a full spectrum of client sizes: 25 of our clients are in Fortune 500, many are in Fortune 1000, and some are smaller, innovative companies.
  2. The Company considers itself to be a language solutions company – we enjoy the thrill of discovering new solutions that are adapted for specific clients. The BDL needs to be a great listener and understand that our advantage with clients is being agile and innovative.
  3. As a Solutions Provider, we stress a team approach to closing business – especially utilizing the skills of a talented production and engineering team.
  4. Owner of a successful Sales Prospecting System. We have a relatively new brand that will require a diligent approach to prospecting that yields some predictive results based upon combinations of activities. We are primarily a B2B inside sales organization with some participation in conferences, exhibitions, networking groups, and other F2F opportunities. We have an active marketing campaign managed by experts in the elearning field.
  5. The BDL will receive an allocation of leads from a couple of potential sources every month, a fair portion of any inbound marketing leads, and a fair portion of conference/exhibit leads in the event he/she does not attend the event.

Expectations of the BDL:

  1. Assist the Company’s management building a very successful brand in Global eLearning – website content, marketing collateral, premium content & blogs, exhibitions, social media, and other digital marketing techniques.
  2. Establish and methodically improve a successful sales prospecting process. The company expects every sales specialist to generate 10-12 MVLs per month with a conversion rate of 20-25% into new clients. Quarterly reviews will be conducted in which performance below 30 MVLs and 7 new clients will need to be explained and justified in order to avoid probation and the agreement to a Performance Improvement Plan.
  3. Deliver personally an industry standard of new client revenue that exceeds $250,000 in any calendar year. The majority of this new business is expected to be under the new brand name, but certainly new business via the company will count towards overall goal.
  4. Manage $300K of existing (current) accounts and implement strategies to grow business organically from within this portfolio.
  5. Build relationships with clients that endure and spark loyalty to our company
  6. Strong oral and writing skills – proposal writing will be part of the job.
  7. Competent in analyzing the scope of a client’s project and determining the value-added price to perform this project. Calculating price quotes will be part of the job.
  8. Adequate skills in software applications – SalesForce, MemoQ, CMS platforms, LMS platforms. All Global eLearning prospecting and communication must be captured within SalesForce.
  9. A team player who embraces our core values of integrity, enthusiasm, collaboration, service, and respect.

For more information contact Jeanne jsharpe@anzuglobal.com

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