Interpretive Sales Representative C421 – Philadelphia, PA

Position Summary
The primary focus of this role is to assist in pipeline development and brand awareness through developing and qualifying inbound leads and outbound prospecting via phone, email and social media.
This inside sales position will create customer/industry specific marketing campaigns and web-based inquiries to target revenue generating opportunities.

Is this you?
–       A smart individual who values knowledge and enjoys working around intelligent people.  You are consistently looking to improve your skills.  You have a Bachelor’s of arts/science degree.
–       An outgoing individual who enjoys speaking with people and helping them to solve their organization’s challenges.
–       A skilled communicator able to clearly convey your ideas and draw people to help you in achieving your goals.
–       A determined individual, you don’t give up easily.  You relentlessly continue your search for a solution to a problem.

Is this what you have done?

    • Sales efforts.  You have been successful in selling products or services to corporate clients.
    • Customer Experience.  You have become successful in understanding what your clients want and need. You make recommendations on what areas of the business to improve based on this understanding.
    • Creativity.  You have identified opportunities and used the resources available to you in order to reach your goals.
    • Team Work.  You have reveled in an environment where individual and organizational success go hand in hand.
    • Organization.  You have proven to be able to juggle multiple initiatives and follow-up effectives.
    • Reporting. You have used various databases to compile, filter, organize, and present data so that information can be easily absorbed by other managers.  You make recommendations based on data-driven observations.
    • Overcome Objections.  You defuse escalated situations by being proactive and efficiently resolving client concerns.
    • Presence.  You are comfortable representing your company and supporting the sales efforts.

Is this what you are looking for?

    • Entrepreneurial.  A culture where you are encouraged to think outside the box and redefine the box.  Our team consistently works toward improving practices.
    • Tech-savvy.  A team that works with leading edge technologies and where you are constantly leveraging technology to improve the customer experience.
    • Successful.  An industry-leading and renown company, that offers the opportunity to work in a rapidly expanding marketplace with huge growth opportunities.
    • Collaborative.  A diverse team of innovative and energetic individuals that enjoy working together.  Our employees come to work every day knowing they are making a real difference in peoples’ lives.
    • Growth. A place where you will receive advancement opportunities and continuous training.

For more information contact Jeanne

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