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Call to Action

Sorry to interrupt the flow of globalization blogs…as part of the globalization community, would like to speak out against actions proposed by Obama.
If you have reservations about bombing Syria, please read on.  Please invest  five to ten minutes on some of the action items below.  With the internet there are many steps we can take that will have an impact.
My personal views:  diplomacy works, war does not.  Greater effort has to be taken with engaging allies in the region, engaging the UN Security Council, working with Congress.  The US can focus on relief efforts for the Syrian people, at a much lower cost than invading the country.  Have we not learned from Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Action items:
–tweet the President your views @BarackObama
–Call the White house  comment line #202-456-1111
–Contact your Congress  (use this tool to find them: http://www.congressmerge.com/onlinedb/ )
–Write a letter to your local paper
–Forward the action item list to friends via email, post on Facebook, Twitter
–Sign and circulate these petitions: