Our Philosophy



With both our clients and candidates we strive for honest, clear and accurate communication. To this end, the client’s business requirements are carefully reviewed and evaluated. The candidate’s skills are professionally assessed and documented. In short, honesty, integrity and trust are the cornerstones upon which we build a successful business. A second core belief is that as a profitable business, we have a responsibility to support the global community. More specifically, we support organizations that address the global challenges of poverty, disease, political oppression and educational inequalities. To this end, Anzu Global LLC donates a portion of quarterly profits to international charitable organizations (see Community Service). On a larger scale, we believe the works of Bill Gates organization www.gatesfoundation.org and the contributions of Warren Buffet towards this work are an excellent example of leveraging business success to improve the lives of global citizens.¬†Jeffrey Sachs, and the UN Millennium Project, is another example of current efforts to reduce extreme poverty, disease, and hunger www.unmillenniumproject.org.