The Globalization staffing team has a combined 90 years of localization and staffing experience. We have developed an extensive network of trusted candidates and clients. Our globalization expertise allows us to identify the right resources. Our staffing skills help us match the appropriate candidate with the right opportunity for quick, effective results, saving both clients and candidates time, effort and money.




Anzu Global LLC has two core, complementary beliefs: We tell the truth and share the wealth. It is our belief that telling the truth is an essential component of doing business. Also, as a profitable business, we have a responsibility to give back to the global community.


Anzu Global supports and advances the trend of businesses leveraging their financial successes to address the global issues of hunger, disease, political oppression and poverty. The company donates a portion of its quarterly profits to several global charities, including Bokai, Amnesty, Doctors without Borders and Heifer, among others. www.bokai.org www.amnestyusa.org www.doctorswithoutborders.org www.heifer.org

Like a True Extension of My Own Business

Anzu Global has the resources and the knowledge of Globalization I require. They provided the highest quality of people and they worked with me like a true extension of my own business. April S. Globalization Manager IBM