ALTA Language Services contacted Anzu Global to recruit for the Vice President of their Testing Department. ALTA is an employee-owned company specializing in enterprise-level translation services, language proficiency testing, and innovative language training programs. They asked for Anzu’s help because they could not find the right profile for their strategic management role. We found the right candidate in a few days. The candidate was submitted, interviewed, and received and accepted the offer within seven business days. ALTA hired the first candidate Anzu introduced.


Our Globalization Account Manager Annette Hemera worked on this opening with Rob Jones, CEO, Employee Owner of ALTA Language Services. Annette asked our client about his experience working with Anzu Global.

Anzu Global: Why did you decide to use a recruitment agency, and why did you choose Anzu Global?

Rob Jones: Recruitment agencies allow you access to a broader pool of candidates because they know people who meet your requirements but may not be looking for a job at the time. Anzu Global came recommended by Florian at Slator. We knew we needed help from someone in our business, and Anzu was who he recommended.


Anzu Global: Anzu works with a 20% fee of the annual base salary of the placed candidate. It is not a small amount, especially with executive roles. Do you think it is worth it?

Rob Jones: For the right person it is easily worth it.  In our case, this was a key position in the company, and we knew filling it could be challenging. The fee was the least of our concerns.


Anzu Global: Can you share your experiences of working with Anzu Global? Is there any area where we could improve? 

Rob Jones: No recommendations. It was a great experience overall.


Anzu Global: What do you think the most crucial challenges are when it comes to hiring new employees in the language services industry? How do you think recruitment and staffing agencies can contribute?

Rob Jones:  Depending on the type of role, there may be very few people with similar experience, which makes the work of recruitment agencies all the more important.


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