Anzu Summer Newsletter 2021 a

Lifetime Achievement Award

For us Globalization ‘Lifers’ who have spent more than twenty years in the language space, we have come to recognize and appreciate the dedication, skill and efforts of the people in our industry.  People who have spent their lifetime as translators, testers, transcribers, internationalization engineers, Localization managers etc.

Anzu Global would like to recognize and spotlight individuals who have dedicated their professional lives to the globalization industry.  The criteria for a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ include longevity, mastery, innovation and communication.  Not the least important is being a solid ‘global citizen’.

Anzu Global is currently accepting nominations in Lifetime Achievement Awards for a person in the Globalization QA space.  We will announce the winner in November.  In addition to announcing the winner with GALA, ALC, Multilingual Computing and Slator, the winner will receive $1000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

Please send nominations for Globalization QA candidates to Michael Klinger [email protected].  Include a summary of the candidates experience and why you believe they should receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.