Dee Johnson of Language Transactions (Anzu Global’s sister company) will be speaking at the  KTLC online Translation and Localization Conference September 30 to October 2 2021.  To Register: click here

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Dee has twenty plus years in the globalization industry working predominantly on the vendor side in business development, consulting and sales management. She was Director of Strategic Business Development for SDL in Germany for over 5 years with a focus on life science, renewable energies, automation. She also has experience in Mergers & Acquisitions having worked three years in the M&A division of Mercedes Benz. Since 2016. She has been in charge of Anzu Global Launchpad, a sales consulting initiative streamlining entry into the US market for global language vendors. And since 2019 she is part of the team at Language Transactions as LSP Matchmaker for companies outside the US.

Anzu Global recruiter Jeanne Sharpe is inspired by her niece’s work with Water for People.  Read about how they succeeded in getting reliable drinking water services to the entire population of the Rulindo District in sub-Saharan Africa.  Anzu Global also actively works with the Guidan Roumji and surrounding villages in Niger, Africa through our charitable organization Bokai.

This is a video that the communications team at Water For People (where my niece works) recently produced. The producer/narrator is a colleague, Jean Pierre, who is based in Kigali, Rwanda. My niece’s role in Denver supports the district- and country-level teams in Rwanda, Uganda and Malawi, and to help share their incredible work.

A district called Rulindo is where our current program model was founded back in 2010. The district has succeeded in getting reliable drinking water services to the entire population – as far as we know, it is one of the first districts in sub-Saharan Africa to accomplish universal access at this scale. This is their story: A celebration of this achievement was originally planned for the spring of 2020, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, so the documentary was launched virtually instead.

We implemented this program model in 40 districts around the world. You can dig into our org and global work a bit more here:


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