BLOG | ARCHIVE: September 2019

M.I.C.E. then H.A.C. Humility, Appearance and Confidence


More of what Recruiters, Localization Vendors and Employees Look for (the same things we all do): Humility—makes it easier to envision working together collaboratively Appearance—a positive personal appearance helps mitigate doubts Confidence—conducting an interview with confidence is a big plus

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Hiring Sales People for Language Service Providers (LSPs): Hunting for Pearls – finding Melons


Believe the odds of finding a pearl in an Oyster are 1 in 10,000.  I have talked to Language owners who believe the same odds apply to hiring a good sales person.  Some LSP owners maintain they have never hired successful sales people.   Why is it so difficult to find and hire good  sales […]

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Finding the elusive Internationalization Engineer or “Tracking the Yeti”


Globalization Staffing: Finding the elusive Internationalization Engineer/tracking the Yeti   Having worked in the globalization staffing industry for over twenty five years,  a common complaint heard from Localization managers:  “We cannot find a good internalization engineer.”  At Globalization conferences, you can find frustrated senior globalization managers huddled together asking, “Where are they?”  “How do we […]

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Does being able to ask for a beer in French qualify you as Bilingual?


I cannot count the number of times at a party, an event or during a job interview, an American says to me that they speak two languages or are fluent in French, for example.  When you peel away fact from fiction (which can be difficult when we live in a political climate of double talk/hypocrisy) […]

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