BLOG | ARCHIVE: August 2019

What Recruiters, Localization Vendors and Employees look for (the same things we all do): M.I.C.E.


  Motivation:  For whatever reason, one intuits a motivated person, and this inspires confidence. Intelligence:  Within a short amount of time, a person’s emotional or intellectual intelligence comes across. Communication skills:  In an interview setting, as with any human interaction, skilled communication is a big plus Enthusiasm:  The positive effects of all of the above […]

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Negotiating to the Salary You Want: Good news! It’s a candidate-driven market


There are basically four ways to make more money.      You can get a bonus for doing a great job that gives you that desired bump in pay, at your current company.      You can get a deserved promotion and a raise at your current company.      You can find for a new job at […]

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