BLOG | ARCHIVE: September 2013

Language Service Providers You never heard of:


Many of the top 100 Language Service providers you have never heard of.  In this multi-billion dollar industry there are many companies that just work with the government, military or specialize in interpreting only.  If you look at the list below, there are many companies that ‘fly under the radar”     Common Sense Advisory has been […]

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Call to Action


Sorry to interrupt the flow of globalization blogs…as part of the globalization community, would like to speak out against actions proposed by Obama. If you have reservations about bombing Syria, please read on.  Please invest  five to ten minutes on some of the action items below.  With the internet there are many steps we can take that will […]

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Funny Language Mistakes


Person A: Is this a big project?    Person B:  No, but this is just the ice of the tipberg.

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