Conducting an unofficial query working with over 50 LSP’s in the past fifteen years and speaking to half  as many CEO’s, finding successful sales people is one of the most daunting challenges for LSP’s in the GILT industry…Why?  Good sales people are quite hard to find.  Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future success.  Corporate culture impacts sales performance differently.  For every one good hire, there are usually 4-5 people who did not work out.  Also, there is a shortage of successful sales people.

Knowing and addressing the US sales person’s needs goes a long way toward  improving performance.  Specifically, the US sales person may need a budget for trade shows, laptop, client visits.  The sales person may require fast turnaround on quotes, immediate input and support on technical challenges.  The US person may want to get clear communication from upper management in terms of strategy, corporate direction and intentions.  Unfortunately, in many cases, they get none of the above.