Linguist -Infrastructure Engineering

Translator, Editor & Interpreter
United States

The main function of a Linguist is to determine data needs and setting strategic vision for data-based model and product improvements.

Job Responsibilities:

• Design test sets and conduct experiments for evaluating system response quality
• Develop manual and automated processes and methods for analyzing emergent integrity, security and privacy trends.
• Analyze system metrics such as threat identification per product feature and remedy pain points.
• Develop redteaming instructions or guidelines to train internal or external red teams
• Plan and lead campaign-style internal red team operations
• Communicate metrics and analysis to appropriate teams
• Determine conversational design, policy and product help guidance with appropriate cross-functional teams per redteaming feature

Required Skills:
• Knowledge of regular expressions, SQL and basic scripting
• Excellent technical writing and communication skills.
• Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
• Creativity to identify vulnerabilities and develop innovative attack scenarios.

Please submit a WORD resume to Jeanne, [email protected] to be considered for this role or to request additional information. 
We offer a referral bonus if you refer a colleague who is hired.  Anzu Global is also actively seeking candidates with experience in Artificial Intelligence AI, Natural Language Processing NLP, Machine Learning ML, and Computational Linguistics.

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