Career Paths in Globalization and Localization


by Mike Klinger, Anzu Global Client Side Career Paths in Globalization and Localization Translator/Editor Language Lead Project Coordinator Project Manager Program Manager/Product Manager Director/VP of Globalization Bilingual Customer Support Bilingual Customer Support Manager Global Technical Support Director QA Engineer/Localization Engineer/Internationalization Engineer Global Production Manager/International Engineering Manager VP of Globalization/Director     Translator/Editor—Language translation or editing […]

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Prepping for a Job Interview? Keep these 6 things in mind:


  Stay focused and stay positive Do your homework on the job and the company Have your personal info readily on hand Have questions prepared Be prepared to discuss strengths and weaknesses Let them know if you are interested and send a “thank you”   Most hiring managers are opting for the initial phone interview […]

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The State of the Hiring Market in the Globalization Industry


  If you’re a Language Services Provider or language organization of a corporate entity, and you’ve tried to do any hiring this year, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to find strong GILT candidates.  It’s always been tougher in our industry, than in the general marketplace, but it’s gotten even more so in the […]

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Growing Revenue: Financial Research Localization


By Thomas Edwards             Like many regulated industries, the financial industry is global. It requires a global approach to selling and producing localization. The special emphasis of this article is on opportunities in the U.S. Market – however, many other opportunities exist throughout the world for a savvy and eager translation company, or even an […]

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How to sell a Language Service Provider


Grand Exit: How to Sell a Language Service Provider  

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Lionbridge Agrees To Be Acquired By H.I.G. Capital


Amazing news!    

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Anzu Global has hired Thomas Edwards to spearhead our L10n Launchpad initiative


Anzu Global has hired Thomas Edwards to spearhead our L10n Launchpad  initiative.  Thomas will also be interfacing with ‘sellers’ for the brokerage services. ANZU GLOBAL staff have been providing bilingual staffing, consulting and M&A services to the GILT industry for 20+ years.  The L10n Launchpad initiative was designed in response to the failure of many […]

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New Manager of Brokerage Services – Thomas Edwards


Anzu Global welcomes new Manager of Brokerage Services – Thomas Edwards          

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Managing Vendor Project Managers


Mike Klinger, Anzu Global This article is about the treatment, support and retention of Vendor Project Managers (VPM) working for translation vendor services companies. These are suggestions to owners and upper management on the nurturing of the VPM. This is not meant to be a substitution for streamlined production processes, proper translation tool utilization, experienced […]

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Did you know “7 out of 10 of the top internet companies are US-based, but 86% of their users are international? Check this out


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